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United States modern cell phone accessories kiosk for shopping mall store

Mar 07, 2019

United States modern cell phone accessories kiosk for shopping mall store

Nowadays,demand for electronic products is increasing , just like mobile phone , ipad , computer , which have become an indispensable part of our at the moment , the business opportunity came , more and more people want start his own cell phone sell cell phone and accessories,a nice cell phone display kiosk is very necessary.

Below is elegant cell phone display showcase kiosk we made for a American customer.

cell phone accessories kiosk

cell phone accessories kiosk

cell phone accessories kiosk

Simple introduce for this cell phone kiosk : 

You can see this cell phone kiosk size is  10X15ft , mainly tone is black,orange and white, basic material is MDF , surface is baking painting finished , glass display showcase hidden led light strip .

You can see this kiosk is very modern and simple . four sides with many Staircase and Shelf Board display , wooden cabinet for storage , stainless steel skirting ,  you will notice whoe kiosk have one high display stand , is good for display model . There are have roof on top which have spotlights looks more bright. 

How to start a cell phone accessories kiosk? 

step 1 :  you need  find a good location in mall .

Select a location for your cell phone display showcase. The right location allows you to make multiple sales each day, reduces competition with other kiosks offering cell phones and is affordable. Visit local malls, parks and other retail business locations to find a location with heavy foot traffic and limited competition.

Step 2 :  find a direct manufacturer help you design and production . 

if you want get more customer and have a good selling in mall . a good kiosk style is very important , it can help give your goods a good showings , also can help you Attract customer attention .

if you are interested in this cell phone display showcase,just contact me pls:

Mob(whatsapp):+86 15986652663

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