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Customized shopping mall cell phone accessories kiosk ideas

Apr 04, 2019

Customized shopping mall cell phone accessories kiosk ideas 

Nowasdays,the replacement of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, and the demand for mobile phones continues to rise.

Correspondingly, in order to meet the needs of the people, more and more people will choose to engage in mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and mobile phone repair services.

We are a factory specialize in making mall kiosks,in past 6 months,almost 80% kiosks we did are mobile phone and accessories kiosks,exported to Europe,America,Canada,Australia etc.

this week we met some customers are looking for phone kiosks for their new business.they wanna their kiosks very functional,so i listed the following ideas for them,also share with you,hope can help you. 

1.Phone business-mobile phone 

Normally,if for cell phone/mobile phone display,glass showcase display with glass shelves inside,LED lights is the best choise,the shelves can adjustable if needed,below are the samples we done before for your reference.It seems now cell phone repair business can make more profit,so you can add the phone repair counter inside the kiosk. 

cell phone kioskcell phone kiosk

2.Phone business-phone accessories,phone case,etc

The phone accessories are popular in our life,most phone business comes from phone accessories.It include:phone covers,phone cables,phone charger,headphones,iphone watch,etc,the better display way can choose acrylic stair up display(acrylic hold),step up display(acrylic hold) and slat wall display(hook display).

-stair up display:see the below Express Irepair Kiosk,there total have 6 units for stair up display with acrylic hold the phone case inside the showcase,top with LED light strips,so customer can choose their case directly.The second kiosk picture(purple,white kiosk),we make the stair up display and step up display mainly.

-slot wall display:see the Express irepair Kiosk,there have big logo black counter,it is the cash counter,outside we put the slot wall display for phone case,accessories etc.We also have the phone repair service in back,see the back side kiosk black counter with seat for phone fix.

-Step up display:I think the step up display can supply a good view for customers,customers from outside can see all phone covers,very converient to select.And it can display a lot things.See the second kiosk picture,middle showcases with signage are the step up display. 

Express Irepairs kiosk

phone accessories kiosk

3.Phone business-phone repair,phone fix

Almost cell phone kiosk have counter for repair service,so phone fix is hot and play the important role in phone business.

Some phone kiosk ower only make the phone repair.Inside the kiosk they ask more seats and storage for phone fix service,repair workers need have comfortable chair and rooms for their job,so if you only do the phone fix,I advise the second kiosk picture. 

phone repair bar

phone repair kiosk

well,after read this article,have you got more ideas how to make your phone kiosk in better display ways?hope these ideas can help you.

And if you are interested in create a phone kiosk and wanna know more details just feel free contact me.

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