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How to get a commercial cellphone accessories mall kiosk in Shenzhen

Mar 04, 2019

In recent years,most cell phone businesses in the United States prefer to lease kiosk spaces especially as this tends to provide high traffic but at a lower cost than those offered by a traditional retail space.

Now,people starting this business tend to start it in kiosks in popular places, and so you can start off this way as well. Only after you have made a name for yourself, can you then go into leasing a traditional brick and mortar building for your cell phone business. 

Most commercial leases especially for retail space is in shopping mall,shopping centre,airport mall,etc.

Therefore,the next thing let's see how to get a commmerical cellphone accessories kiosk. 

cell phone accessories kiosk design

cell phone accessories kiosk

  1. The first step,you must have the kiosk interested kiosk picture.You can choose the pictures in our and get further information you need.

  2. Find a direct supplier make a 3d design and drawings .  — as the direct kiosk supplier,we can give you some professional advice . then we will make the kiosk design and drawing for you .( the 3d design show how the kiosk look,the drawing have more details with each part size,elevation,material and surface finished details,etc.The kiosk production build base on our design drawings).

  3. The shopping mall approve/not approve the kiosk design.If not approve,we will modification and resend for the mall unitl get the approval. If approve our design,the next step is building the kiosk.

  4. The kiosk finish,we send the kiosk for customers. 

  5. The kiosk received,install whole shop and start operating , you can hire several people help you if the shop enough big .

The below are some tips after collect the cellphone kiosk:

How to install this phone case kiosk ?


At first , I want to tell you that it is very easy for you. You need not ask one install team to help you.


1.when you receive the goods, all showcase was packed in wooden box, so you need to open all wooden boxes.

 All wooden boxes were marked carton number.


2. We will provide one install instruction and one floor plan which marked number for every showcase.

   You put all showcase on your mall space or store or shop according to the floor plan.


3. Connecting electric wire according to the instruction.

  If  you are still confuse about it , please contact us ,we will explain it to you patiently .

When you open the cellphone accessories business,you may consider one more important thing-customers.

Below are some of the strategies that can be used to promote your business and bring customers for you:

1.Ensure that you give your kiosk or phone booth a unique look or signage that will be easily recognizable by your     customers.
2.Print handbills and fliers and have it shared around your target area.
3.Create a website for your business and load it with unique content that will bring in traffic.
4.Seize the opportunity offered by the internet by advertising on forum and blogs.
5.Leverage on the social media by ensuring you register your presence on social platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, 

   Facebook, Google plus and other such platforms.
6.Offer incentives to those that refer your business by helping them upgrade their operating system for free.
 Keep abreast of happenings in the cell phone industry, so as to know what product might give you a marketing 



Thanks for your time and reading , if you interested or plan start  your phone store , pls contact us as below , thank you !  

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